Megalithic landscapes of Carnac and South Morbihan


Taking a responsible tour

The megalithic sites in Morbihan form an outstanding heritage which is our joint responsibility. This heritage allows us to imagine Neolithic society and appreciate this monumental architecture which is accessible to all. Many sites are open for tours; others are not, for  conservation reasons. All of them are very fragile. The following tips can help you explore extraordinary heritage whilst enabling the monuments to be protected, allowing visitors to enjoy the unparalleled emotion of seeing the earliest monumental architecture built by humankind with your own eyes. 

Megalithic heritage is fragile because its environment makes it especially prone to natural and human interference: the development of vegetation and root systems, road-building, farming and forestry, walking, and so on – all of which erode structures and endanger their balance. To protect this heritage, protect its research potential for archeologists, protect fragile, age-old constructions and allow everyone to experience a high-quality visit, it is important to observe certain rules so that all the sites can be enjoyed without the risk of them deteriorating.