Megalithic landscapes of Carnac and South Morbihan

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Tumulus of Mané Lud

A large tumulus with two burial structures


Situated at the highest point of Locmariaquer, the Mané Lud tumulus is a large burial monument comprising a closed burial chamber and two arcs of standing stones; inside there is also a passage grave.  Only the dolmen is clearly visible today, as the other structures in the tumulus are not accessible. 

Access to the passage grave is via a small, contemporary staircase. The Mané Lud dolmen features a large number of engravings on the passage and chamber pillars, from a repertoire that is fairly common in megalithic architecture in Southern Morbihan: axes, crooks or throwing sticks, horn shapes or birds, boats and a whale.  The floor of the burial chamber is covered with a large stone slab, while the ceiling is covered with a piece of another large stone pillar, used in this way after having been broken.


Mané Lud tumulus was excavated in 1863-64 and listed as a Historic Monument in 1889.