Megalithic landscapes of Carnac and South Morbihan

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Petit Mont is large cairn located on a promontory overlooking the southern coast of the Rhuys peninsula – and a major megalithic site in the Gulf of Morbihan. 

The monument was excavated by Joël Lecornec and restored in the 1980s and 1990s, providing fresh insights into this remarkable example of a changing cairn. Four phases of construction have been identified. The first involved a long, low mound, without a burial chamber, dating back to the middle of the fifth millennium BC. The second was a cairn, covering two-thirds of the mound, again without a burial chamber. A second cairn, housing a megalithic corridor grave, was then built on top of the first. Dating back to the first half of the fourth millennium BC, this grave was hidden by the construction of a third and final cairn, encompassing all three previous structures and covering two new megalithic corridor tombs. 

The monument was considerably damaged during the Second World War by a bunker being constructed inside it, destroying all or part of the three burial structures.

In addition to its monumental size and complex architecture, today the site offers remarkable examples of Neolithic engravings.

The site is the property of the Morbihan département and is run by Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan. For more information about tour times, visit