Megalithic landscapes of Carnac and South Morbihan

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Kerzerho alignments

The Erdeven alignments comprise several hundred monoliths spread over almost 2km. 

The Kerzerho alignments appear to have a fairly similar layout to the Carnac alignments, with around ten rows of standing stones, the starting point of which (at the western end) could have been a megalithic enclosure. The rows, which today comprise some 190 standing stones, extend eastwards. Plans from the nineteenth century appear to show that they stretched as far as the arrangements of menhirs at Coet er Blei, 2km to the east. These sets would have formed a most imposing site, with a few thousand menhirs winding through the countryside, as indicated by Félix Gaillard in 1884. 80m north of the western extremity of the alignments there is a perpendicular row of standing stones, running roughly north-south. This includes a number of very large menhirs, some of which were re-erected by Félix Gaillard in the late nineteenth century.

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